A precarious spot can be traversed with as little as a solid toe-hold. Counseling is that rock.

- Martha B. Marshall

Martha B. Marshall, Licensed Professional Counselor


Welcome to Wild Basin Wellness

Martha B. Marshall, LPC

We offer psychotherapy counseling for individuals and couples, group therapy, and workshops on topics such as stress reduction and mindfulness.

My experience is that change takes time, but not as much as you might imagine. We all pick up unhealthy thought patterns and behavior patterns which can inhibit our natural resilience. We get attached to anger, self-loathing, worry, alcohol, drugs, or many other coping mechanisms. When those negative coping patterns take over in your life, you need a course correction. You are capable of reshaping your thoughts and allowing your body to function more naturally.

But how can counseling help? You may be feeling stuck or depressed, lonely or isolated, worried or full of harsh self-judgment. Counseling is a place to examine these stuck points with a new perspective. The power of good therapy will allow you to develop the tools to quiet your mind, promote balance, and evaluate change you would like to create. With these tools and practice, a way forward becomes clear. An improved sense of well-being and ease, more flexibility in relationships, and the feeling of freedom to be yourself is achievable – I would like to help you get there.

Martha B. Marshall

LPC; Founder of Wild Basin Wellness

Our Specialties

Individual Therapy
There is power in your story, experiences and thoughts. Finding meaning in that story will help us understand your situation and discover options for growth. You will also be taught skills in stress reduction and relaxation.
Couples and Relationship Counseling
Dysfunction in any close relationship can cause our whole sense of well-being to be challenged. I work with couples to develop skills needed for better relationships. We will identify areas of difficulty and learn ways of becoming more functional and flexible.
Group Therapy
Groups help us get an honest read on how we come across. This allows us to realize behavior patterns we can change to be more effective in our relationships. Simply connecting with others can be therapeutic and provide relief.
Educational and inspirational workshops are available on a variety of topics. Please call if you would like more information.