People do come to therapy unable to love and leave with that skill restored. But love is not only an end for therapy; it is also the means whereby every end is reached.

- Thomas Lewis, MD., Fari Amini, MD., Richard Lannon, MD.

Martha B. Marshall, Licensed Professional Counselor


Individual Therapy

I specialize in helping people who struggle with strong emotions whether it be fear, or shame, or worry, or anger, or trust. Often these strong emotions create problems like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addictions, OCD, and difficulties coping with grief or life transitions, among other things. Clients will learn skills in stress reduction and relaxation – we may incorporate movement, the outdoors, meditation focused on breath and sound, and other experiences that bring clients relief. Consequently, individual sessions may run a bit longer than traditional therapists. 

Couples & Relationship Counseling

Most of our needs get met in relationships. When we are suffering from dysfunction in any close relationship, our whole sense of well-being can be challenged. Relationships take skill, and we can all be better at it! In these sessions, couples will work on identifying areas of difficulty and learn ways they can become more functional and flexible people. We try to bring a bit of fun and humor into the sessions as well – laughter seems to do wonders for healing.

Group Counseling

Group counseling, by definition, is not one-on-one. It allows us to behave more like we do in a family or work group. Groups are wonderful at getting an honest read on how we come across and help us to realize behavior patterns we want to change to be more effective in our relationships. Groups become like functional families – something we all want to experience.


Designed to educate and inspire, workshop topics may include The Neuroscience of Love; Meditation and Mindful Self-compassion: Techniques for Relaxation; Stress Reduction in a Culture of Social Media and Multi-tasking. If you would like more information, contact me directly.


Individual Session - $120
60 to 75 min
Couples Session - $150 1 hour 30 minutes. price is per couple
Group Session - $35 2 hour sessions weekly
Workshops - prices vary please call to schedule


Sliding scale available if needed